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An Example Of A Diet That Works – The New Me Diet

In analyzing the last 500 plus people  that have gone through our program using the all natural New Me Diet about 75% of them have been on at least two previous diets and have gained the weight back.(Please note this is not a scientific study but only to make the point that many many people are serial dieters).

Why does this happen? There are a multitude of reasons that people have, almost one for every diet, but one major reason stands out. No matter what diet we have encountered there is too much emphasis on maximizing the weight loss during the first phase at the expense of the maintenance (keeping it off) phase. In other words the diet program does not help the dieter to change lifestyle eating habits during the diet so that when the weight loss phase is over they cannot maintain their new weight. Here is what usually happens.

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Prior to dieting a large majority of individuals consume a diet too high in animal fat, sugar and white flour foods and simply retain more calories than they need and which are stored as body fat. Only a small amount of calories need to be retained by our body to cause a significant change in body weight. For example if a person retains an extra 50 calories per day this can lead to ten pounds per year and in five years a person is 50 pounds overweight. And these 50 calories are almost impossible to keep track of on a daily basis.

Limiting these caloric intakes with short term caloric restriction regimes (diets) are short lived and are ineffective no matter whether it is carbohydrate or fat restricted. Unless eating habits are changed the body will go right back to storing fat.

When a person shifts from a high fat , high protein, animal based diet to a lower fat, lower protein, plant based diet the body will direct the calories away from body fat to more desirable functions like keeping the body warm or running the body metabolism effectively burning off those extra calories.rather than storing them as fat. A low protein plant based diet will allow a person to consume as many if not more calories than a high protein animal based diet without gaining weight. It also regulates blood cholesterol reduces heart disease and a variety of cancers.

If a person is going on a diet they must look for one that is going to move them from what they are eating now to a lower protein based diet and adding more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This is not as restrictive as it may seem as you can inject some animal fat proteins and other goodies from time to time without gaining weight but it must be controlled. Eat healthy. Weigh less. Live longer.

The Oral Spray Diet does exactly this. It will enable you to lose weight safely and the diet plan you are on during the program will show you how to convert from a high fat high protein animal based diet to a healthy low fat low protein plant based eating plan. If you stay with this low protein plant based diet it will keep you from being a “serial dieter” and providing you with a long and healthy life.   Here is how the diet works.

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