The China Study

Finding Out What’s Really In Your Food – The China Study

A statistic is out there which states that 90% of the people that go on a diet gain the weight back.  Some blame it on the diet some on themselves and some on their life situations.  And all of these are true but there is one underlying factor which is ongoing that is probably the biggest reason of all why individuals can’t keep it off without lifestyle changes and if people were aware of it it may help tremendously.

It seems that the weight gain problems started to multiply in the early 1990s and if you look at societal changes beginning then, fast food breakfasts, all you can eat specials etc.  and other 2 for 1 type marketing programs, obesity rates moved into high gear.  The definition of what is a healthy  food became very obscure and right up until now is the same way.  So how does the average person get a grip on this?

Here is a sobering book which will probably make you say “I can’t eat anything”  but it is worth the read as it will give you a picture of how doctors, dairy farmers, beef ranchers, and others  dictate what is healthy for you to eat.  And how wrong they are!

The book is “The China Study”and you can get it on Amazon.  At least read the reviews as they are very educational in themselves. Click on the book to read the reviews

There are parts of it you can skip through but the “meat” (so to speak)  of the book will make you think “is this good for me” every time you look at a diet plan or the food you eat or what some diet guru says is healthy.   It may help you in your quest to develop lifestyle eating habits to “keep it off”.



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