Knowing 3 Steps To Maintain Your Weight Loss

After you have lost weight have a positive attitude about maintaining your weight loss, make it a fun, lasting lifestyle. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love the most. Allow yourself at least one small treat per week.  Don’t follow the same meal plan every day or the same exercise routine. Try some new healthy meals on occasion and some fun, new workouts. This will keep you from becoming bored, and you will stay more motivated. If you have bad days, it’s okay, everyone has them.  Here are the three steps:

Step 1: Eat a Low Protein Plant Based Diet

We have found that with the New Me Diet that we need a few tools for getting fit and staying at a healthy weight. It’s not just about eating less but also eating better, it has to be a forever lifestyle change. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, a few whole grains and moderate amounts of lean protein. Stay away from sugar and processed foods.

Gaining weight is not only the fault of the person but the food companies that have put so much sugar, preservatives, and salt in our packaged food. It is hard to shop with your health in mind . Losing weight is hard enough without the food companies working against us for their own monetary gains.

Picking up a box of wheat crackers seems to be a healthy choice, check the amount of unnecessary sugar that only makes us want more. Only a few brands of peanut butter do not contain sugar. Why? Does there really need to be sugar in cream of mushroom soup? Why does certain brands of mustard have sugar? High fructose corn syrup finally makes headlines, only now when they are removing it. Just a higher concentrated level of sugar.  Weight loss is hard enough without food companies making us addicted to sugar which only makes us want more, more sugar.

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Step 2: Exercise is a Must

Daily exercise is necessary to burn off excess weight and inches. Get an exercise plan with variations and stick with it.

Using Exercise To Control Weight Loss

In addition do other small things.  Sneak in exercise when you can, when shopping park farther away in the parking lot, do house cleaning and take stairs where ever possible they all count.

A great way to fit in exercise at home at your convenience is by yoga or exercise DVDs. The combined effort of eating smarter and moving more are weight loss tips that immediately start peeling the pounds off. One of the most important tips for losing weight is reducing or managing the stress in your life. Yoga or meditation are two ways to reduce anxiety and stress. Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle, it’s not easy but is well worth it.

Step 3: Routine is Key

If you skip your exercise routine one or two days, don’t stress and quit entirely, just get back to it, there’s always a new day. Some days you are going to overeat and probably more unhealthily, usually following it up with a high calorie dessert. Enjoy it, it’s only one day, use your strength you have by now not to make it a habit, but a reward for maintaining your weight loss.

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