The New Me Diet – Two Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Here is why this is the best permanent weight loss diet

Low Protein Plant Based Foods

Most people who have tried to lose weight in many different programs most of which ended up in not being a permanent weight loss diet. Most diets deal with reducing calories and the use of prescription appetite suppressants. This causes the patient to lose weight but often times it is muscle and water weight not FAT. When an overweight/obese patient tries to reduce calories to lose weight, they will first burn their normal reserve fat burning the structural fat cells.  Both of these types of fat are necessary, and are not the kind of fat that leads to obesity.

The last fat cell on the list to be utilized is the abnormal fat (adipose tissue), or the fat that causes people to be overweight. By the time the patient gets to this point they feel hungry, fatigued, and generally give up on the diet. This type of dieting causes patients to feel exhausted, to lose fat in the wrong places like in their face versus their belly, hips or thighs. It also depletes them of nutrients, which lead to further complications.  Also some medication people are taking have an effect on their ability to lose weight.

1st Step – Lose Weight Using The Oral Spray 


Take the pounds off with the oral spray

You Do Not Get Hungry This is where the all natural New Me weight loss program comes in and is set apart from other diets. This diet reverses everything. Our sublingual (under the tongue) spray attacks the abnormal fat cells releasing or metabolizing about 2,000 calories a day. Now, you can go on a lower calorie balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and protein (fish beef chicken breast) without starving. Read the details of what to eat.  Yes, the diet is very specific, but when this is done in combination with our oral spray, the body is able to burn fat and use it as nutrients.

Which in turn feeds the individual so in essence though they are eating a lower

Lost 42 Pounds

calorie balanced diet their body is also releasing the additional 2000 calories from their fat. This is why people are NOT hungry and actually report a sense of well-being and energy while they lose weight on the diet.  Seeing  is believing and that’s why the before & after pictures you see on our website are so amazing.

There are 1000s of diets that can take weight off but we know that the New Me Diet is very effective based on our experience the last 7 years.  It will work to take off pounds.  But the most important part of any weight loss program is the next step and the New Me Diet sets you up to succeed.

2nd Step– Eat Right And Maintain Weight Loss Long Term

Size 16 to 8 Lost 48 Lbs

After you lost weight with the all natural New Me Diet move slowly away from the lower calories but still balanced diet and  pay close attention to portion management instead. Then expand the diet followed during the program using a whole foods, lower protein, plant based eating plan as a basis but still consisting of fruits, vegetables and protein (fish beef chicken breast). This eating plan is part of the maintenance plan  in the New Me Diet protocol to lose weight.Before you start this step read this: The China Study.  A great guideline for future eating.

Weight Loss Coaching Provided Throughout The Plan
We here at New Me will provide you with unlimited support during this period so that you can learn what you can and cannot eat and still maintain the weight loss.  We know what is in foods and how they affect weight so we can advise you if you are eating wrong but are not aware of it.  Remember after you lose weight and look good, nobody cares but you and us.  And we want you to stay looking that way.  Pricing and Plans.

We look forward to helping you to lose weight and become a New Me with our permanent weight loss diet.

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