Oral Spray

The Oral Spray Is  Effective And Safe

Bouari Advantage Oral Spray

A New Me has been successfully using the Bouari Advantage Oral Spray for over 7 years. 

Bouari’s Advantage Oral Spray for weight loss and hunger control Natural Medicine is different from other homeopathic medicines in that it has been more comprehensively formulated. It contains an average of 15 ingredients with each made in 6x, 10x, 30x and 100x potencies (also known as triple potency) that equals 45 individually made ingredients in a single formula, providing a broader therapeutic spectrum delivering more powerful results.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from substances found in nature. It is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines, or remedies. Nevertheless, herbal medicine should not be confused with homeopathy. These two systems of medicine are very different. Herbal medicine uses tinctures of botanical substances. Homeopaths use ultra- dilute “micro” doses made from not only plants, but minerals or any other substance found in nature. The original substance is diluted in liquid repeatedly and vigorously shaken with each dilution.

The Bouari Advantage Oral Spray Is a proprietary formula and was created to support the body’s ability to achieve maximum weight loss. Our oral spray metabolizes about 2,000 calories of fat off your body…In addition, there are drainage remedies within the formula that flush out toxins from the body by stimulating the normal elimination pathways. The Advantage Oral Spray regulates and improves the function of organs and glands to optimize hormones that influence metabolism, appetite and energy.

It provides specific support for hormone receptors to stimulate healthy weight loss by way of hormonal balance and improved function. As our bodies release the fat, The Advantage Oral Spray helps promote the functions to eliminate the fat from our bodies through the bodies elimination pathways. Our formula promotes steady, efficient fat loss; preserves and promotes lean muscle mass and boosts energy levels naturally. 1 bottle = 25-30 day supply.