40 Ways To Manage Stress In Your Life

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Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress

Stress relief and burnout prevention. Don’t let stress control your life. Beat anxiety and worries. Live, Laugh, Love.

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Course Description

If you experience stress in your life, regardless of the cause or its intensity, this course is for you.

Chronic stress not only impairs our brain functions whilst we are stressed, but more importantly, it does lasting damage to our brain, as it kills braincells in our hippocampus. this means that, even if you are not stressed anymore, the damage will still be there.

Luckily, there is a lot that can be done as you will see in this course.
First stress is analyzed . where it comes from, what it does, the different types of stress, etc

After that, the 4 different ways of dealing with stress are discussed.  For each of them there are 10 concrete examples of what you can do to activate the benefits of that strategy.  So 10 examples for 4 strategies: that’s 40 ways to deal with stress.

The Science behind the course…

This highly practical course has been thoroughly researched to bring you the best in brain insights regarding stress.

From brain structures to stress hormones, over survival instincts. the course will dive deep in the reasons behind stress and the mechanics at hand

Based on research from the UCLA and the NYU, there will be surprising, counter-intuitive insights, which will help you look at stress and how to deal with it, from a completely new perspective.

This course was born out of dozens of interactive workshops,where real people just like you sat down and created a personal action plan to help them deal with pressure and stress. It is packed with very concrete things anyone can do to help manage their stress levels. there are so many of them in this course, actually more than 40, as the title kinda gives away, So that you can find what works for you.

  • Manage stress – before it manages you…
  • Use cognitive relief strategies – and explore the power of your mind
  • Use physical relief strategies – and let your body speak
  • Use sensory relief strategies – and fight pain with pleasure
  • Use emotional relief strategies – and walk a different path to beat stress
  • And So Much More… such as survival instincts, hormones, brain structures

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