Keys To A Healthy Lifestyle

This website gives you over 100 resources including articles and courses on how to improve your lifestyle in key areas of your life.

4 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

Here are four keys to achieving a healthy life style.  Various approaches to each of the keys are discussed with an emphasis on different courses you can take which will educate and inform you as to actions to take to improve your lifestyle.  

The first area: Lose Weight discusses weight problems we all face and suggests many different approaches to take off pounds. We also give you an example of the New Me Diet which we have used for the last 7 years which covers both the lose weight and eat right areas.

The second area: Eat Right is very specific.  It focuses on developing a long term eating style to maintain your weight.   The eating plan concentrates on a whole food low protein plant based diet. There are several courses and books recommended to learn the aspects of this healthy eating life.

Eat Right And Stay Fit In Your Life

The third area: Manage Stress offers courses in reducing and relieving stress in many areas of your life including money work energy management productivity diet and others. You can find ways to prevent stress from controlling your life and beat anxiety and worries.

The fourth area: Stay Fit examines courses on several different forms of exercise i.e. walking running weights yoga stretching and more and includes the ways they relate to diet and stress.  Other topics include how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.